Personal and Business Development

1-2-1 Coaching

Have you lost your way or want to find a way in your business?

 Do you need solutions and ideas to help your business grow?

Are you overwhelmed and under-resourced?  


Our 1-on-1 personal and business development coaching can help entrepreneurs, founders, team members and freelancers gain focus on their commercial strategies, understand your value and audience, and remove any uneasiness in approaching sales. So that you can be feel reignited to build a sustainable business and strengthen your impact.





About your coach:


Lily has over 14 years commercial and business development experience and led sales teams that generated millions of pound deals selling to small business, multi-national corporations, governments across the globe. She is the founder of The Fourth Sector, a business service platform for social entrepreneurs to connect, learn from each other and find support in developing their business.




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‘I found the 1-2-1 session really helpful in looking at my business from a new perspective and identifying new potential streams of income that I had not even considered. Lily quickly brought a marketing and commercial mindset to looking at ways of helping me achieve financial sustainability for my Social Enterprise. Straightaway I could see how developing this mindset myself would help me to improve my business strategy and development approach going forward’.

- C McClen, Founder, BuddyHub

"The sessions with Lily was really helpful. She asked some challenging questions of what I'm doing and like a laser beam they got straight to the point. She reminded me of the importance of pitching my work as something that specifically addresses the needs of my potential clients rather than starting with an outline of what I do - that can come later. It was also great to get a different perspective on my work and some positive encouragement. Thanks to Lily's support I now have some clear things to do to keep my business on track and now it's just a question of doing them!"

- R Holtom, Freelance Narrative Coach & Writer

I was amazed at how much we managed to achieve, the clarity of focus that Lily brings to the sessions has allowed me to generate practical steps I can refer to. I felt very comfortable discussing things with her and appreciated the safe space she creates. The overall outcome is very positive, and a useful experience and I'm very grateful that we made time for this! 

- S Mills, Entrepreneur

"I found the sessions with Lily really invaluable. Even just a short discussion with her provided me with both long-term strategic inspiration and short-term, practical action points for my business. I've been inspired and motivated towards my goals.  Lily's mentoring and advice has also helped me develop my meetings and networking skills at events."

- W Higham, Founder, The Next Big Thing

I found the coaching with Lily very valuable.  Lily delved deep into my ideas, plans and goals. She asked challenging and enlightening questions, and really made me focus on the specifics of a realistic business. She also helped me define my personal motivation for pursuing my vision and suggested practical next steps towards a compelling business plan. Recommended.

- C Rolls, Freelancer and Founder

"Working with Lily was very beneficial  to me. She led me in defining what my core values and passions are which helped me to reevaluate my goals. Lily also helped me to confront my limiting believes in achieving my goals by providing positive yet firm support.She pointed out to me the way I was sabotaging myself and helped to shift my focus in positive direction. She also helped me to find a successful strategies in making my  goals to fulfill my values .  I would recommend Lily to anybody who struggles with setting up goals in life and achieving them" 

- A Bayeva,  Freelancer

I came to work with Lily with a myriad of issues, and straight away she helped me put things into context.  I felt my plans were more organized and justified and dynamic after speaking with Lily on a weekly basis.

She witnessed my highs and lows, and I was able, to be honest with her and always felt I could be exactly where I was in my change process. She helped my understand my motivation deeper.

She demonstrated to be nonjudgmental and listen to all of my ideas with equal attention.

My sessions with Lily happened during the phone calls. Lily’s listening over the phone was great, leaving lots of spaces to absorb information. Lily’s voice is very pleasant and welcoming, as well as reassuring in a non-patronising way.

I would recommend Lily as a coach for the reasons mentioned above as well as because of her dedication to the process of change, genuine interest in the other person,  and ability to ask some spot on questions.

- A Grenckowska,  Freelancer

- A Grenckowska,  Freelancer