Looking back and my vision for 2016

Many people has been asking me what I’d been up to since hosting the last Social Enterprise Conference back in Oct last year?

Well, I took a holiday, but I’d also been busy thinking how I can expand the opportunities within the Social Enterprise sector. Here it is, I have founded, The Fourth Sector, www.thefourthsector.co.

The Fourth Sector is a community and a service platform supporting talented professionals, social entrepreneurs, social business, charities and private and public corporation with our events, jobs, consulting services in the UK and abroad.

Our vision is to see a world where social enterprise is the usual way of doing business. It’s big but #small steps.

I’m currently working to expand the next conference, Start Up | Scale Up for Social Enterprise Conference, 25-26 April 2016, London. I’m pleased very excited about the line up of speaker with have for you this year! Please stay tuned, the programme will be announced later this month!

So reflecting back on all the wonderful people I met from our social enterprise meet ups, networks, conference and work abroad, this is what I have observed and concluded:

  1. Being a social entrepreneur takes to know thy self.

  2. We are not all born or want to be social entrepreneur, but want to work and know our work makes a difference.

  3. There needs to be a societal change of perception, attitude, mindset about Social Enterprise as a charity.

  4. Social Entrepreneurs need to learn to trust and let go, not work in the business but on their business.

  5. Its not about shaking cans but hands

  6. Consumers needs to know what buying social is for it to become main stream.

  7. Social investment needs to take a more liberal approach to help businesses grow.

  8. Does the social valued act, enterprise mark, B corp at value?

  9. More support & collaborations within the social enterprise community is needed.

  10. Don’t be afraid to start something, you are never ready.

To find out more about the events, job opportunities and latest developments, please subscribe to our monthly letters.

Lets make it an happy impactful 2016!

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