How to turn an idea to a mission-led startup?


Whether you are a charity or social enterprise looking to commercialise an idea to become more sustainable or you will like to start a mission-led business to address a critical social problem, this workshop is designed to challenge your thinking and business model before you feel the urge to drop everything else and jump on it.


We'll help you think rationally about any new business endeavour.  How can you test your business idea without going all in right away? What can you do to validate it while expanding the smallest amount of effort, time, and money possible?


You'll  learn:

  • How to evaluate your idea? 

  • Understand what problem your solution is solving?

  • What are your enterprising options?

  • How to test the market?

  • Lock down the details of your business idea.

  • Where to find your first customer?


Date: Monday, 2nd October 2017

Time: 18:30 - 21:00

Location: Venue TBC, Central London

Workshop Leader: Lily Chong, The Fourth Sector








"Good Structure & thought provoking, forces you to focus on the key issues and the ones you can ignore" Philip


"I enjoyed this workshop as I felt that it provided a comprehensive set of tools to tackle the first steps, which proved to very helpful in moving with my idea forward " Maartin


"This session was extremely helpful in helping me focus on the purpose of my business idea and the operations I need to consider to bring it about." Dolly